Respite Care Available in Franklin, WV

Caregivers: Request a Well Deserved Break

At Pendleton Senior & Family Services, Inc., we know how difficult it can be to care for a loved one. We have our Respite Care Program that can provide respite services to caregivers of ill or frail family members with or without an Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia diagnosis.

Standard Respite Care Program for Caregivers

If you care for a family member or loved one that is very ill or frail and requires around-the-clock care and support, we know that you work extremely hard. As a full-time caregiver, you must take some time to get caught up on your other responsibilities or take a break to care for yourself. Our Standard Respite Care Program enables you to have some free time to reconnect with family, attend an event, or simply enjoy some free time doing what you want without the worry and stress of constantly being responsible for another person.

We Care for Your Ill Loved One While You Take a Break

Our Standard Respite Program is the perfect solution for many of our local caregivers and their families. Our highly trained and dedicated team will look after and care for your ill loved one or family member while you take a few hours break for yourself. We will work closely with you to make sure that your time away will be stress free, helpful, and complete.

Contact Pendleton Senior & Family Services, Inc.

If you’re a full-time caregiver to a loved one and could use a much deserved break, our Respite Care Services may be the perfect fit for your family. Our friendly staff members are standing by and ready to answer any questions you may have about our in-home care services or eligibility. Call Pendleton Senior & Family Services, Inc. at: 304-358-2421. If you prefer, you may contact us through our online contact form.