Socialization and Dining Together

Keeping Area Seniors Healthy and Happy

A significant problem that seniors face is that as the metabolism changes, hunger may not occur during normal mealtimes. Skipping meals or not eating enough to sustain health can occur and may lead to unnecessary weight loss, bone loss, and muscle loss.

All of these issues can lead to more complicated and dangerous health concerns. One way to overcome skipping meals is to participate in our scheduled lunch program. Eating and socializing together in our dining room is a fun way to enjoy a meal, stay happy and healthy, and stimulate the body’s desire to eat a well-balanced and nutritious meal. At Pendleton Senior & Family Services, Inc., we take pride in the dining environment and atmosphere we have created for our seniors. Our members look forward to dining with us each day.

Easy, Affordable Lunch Available to Local Seniors in Franklin, WV

Some seniors stop preparing daily meals on a regular basis after their children leave home. Many seniors may live alone after enduring the death of a spouse. Many times, seniors do not wish to cook a large meal due to eating alone. Cooking for one may feel like a waste of time, and seniors may instead rely on quick microwave meals, take out, or snack foods to get through the day. Participating in a scheduled lunch program is a great way to get out and make new friends, avoid needing to prepare your own meal, and genuinely have a good time in a great environment. Some seniors have told us that they are not a fan of their own cooking and look forward to a tasty meal that they did not have to prepare. Our meals provide an affordable option that we encourage all area seniors to participate in. We welcome you to visit with us during lunch, and we welcome guests of all ages. For more information on our lunch program, or to call ahead to let us know you will be dining with us, please give us a call at: 304-358-2421.